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Apr. 20th, 2008 | 04:26 pm
posted by: frabjously in abvh100

Title: Scarred
Spoilers: Burnt Offerings interlude
Challenge #87. Us the following 5 words: apology, embarrassment, alcohol, tea, heat.
Word Count: 200


"Do not blame me for Juliana's death. I cannot read tea leaves."

Asher continues to study their painting, hands clasped behind his back. The artist was accomplished to capture the glow of Asher's hair, his regal expression and the graceful lines of his face. "You came as soon as you could," he replies flatly. "Yet it would be better had you never come."

"It is better to live. Perhaps you are embarrassed-"

"You know nothing of living," Asher's voice cuts into old wounds, his presence rubs in salt and alcohol, leaves him bleeding. When Asher turns he reveals a right cheek covered in shiny ridges. Jean-Claude imagines running his thumb across Asher's jawline and lips, feeling how these marks have changed the map of his face as if searching for other scars that have ripped him inside.

"I'm sorry," Jean-Claude says. "Truly." It is a habitual reflex when he places a hand on Asher's shoulder, but the familiarity is too jarring for both of them. Asher tears away from his touch.

"Your apologies mean nothing to me," he spits and the heat of his words sear Jean-Claude more than holy water ever could.

"Killing Anita will not restore you."

"No," Asher says triumphantly. "But it will burn you."

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Anita Blake in-training

(no subject)

from: sabriel_0405
date: Apr. 21st, 2008 02:30 am (UTC)

Beautifully written. Anger is such a hot emotion.

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