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Challenge # 87

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Mar. 6th, 2008 | 01:39 pm
posted by: ligeia_bm in abvh100

Title: After The Storm
Word count: 200
Characters/ Pairings: Richard
WARNING! Spoilers for The Harlequin
Challenge # 87: Use the following 5 words: apology, embarrassment, alcohol, tea, heat.

As he tried to numb his pain in alcohol –useless, he knew- Richard pondered about the mess he had been involved in hours ago. Another enemy had come to town, of course. “The old same story all over again,” he thought. He had tried to help, God knew he had. But the vampires had messed him bad, and he had finally blurted out the words that he had never dared to say out loud before. Embarrassment overcame him at the memory. In the heat of the moment, his righteous anger had seemed the right thing to hold on to. He wouldn’t compromise his ideals for anything, but probably, they would have killed them all. Should he present Jean-Claude with a formal apology? He had, after all, insulted him publicly. He didn’t care much about the vampire, but the other leaders saw his actions as a weakness. His pack disapproved too. Also, he had to consider what had happened to Joseph as a warning. He was right about Anita, though. He winced, remembering. No apology to her would be necessary. With a disgusted look, he pushed the glass away. Time to warm some tea. And after that, he’d start making calls.
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