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Mod note and Challenge #87

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Jan. 27th, 2008 | 01:26 pm
posted by: lasairfhiona in abvh100

I owe everyone a huge apology for being an absent mod, life has handed me a hand full.

Many thanks to sabriel_0405 for keeping it alive with her wonderful drabbles. My resolution for 2008 will try to do a better job :)

Hopefully waterfall8484 won't kill me for this but since we seem to have a hard time with the everyother week challenges - I'd like to extend them to monthly and make them a little more than a single word.

So for Challenge #87. Us the following 5 words: apology, embarrassment, alcohol, tea, heat.

100 and 200 word drabbles welcomed.

Next Challenge 2 March 08

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